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Winter Tires for my Volvo

Winter Tires for My Volvo


Winter tires are a must have accessory for Canadian Volvo owners. These tires are fitted with features which ensure that the drivers enjoy increased safety as they drive and navigate through some of the most severe driving conditions imaginable. Since personal and public safety overrides all other factors, the driver must choose a tire which can remain pliable and in top condition especially during the harsh winter season.

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Winter Tires for my Volvo

Why Winter Tires?


The latest variety of Volvo winter tires are designed in such a way that they not only offer top performance on ice and snow but also maintain their gripping power and elasticity on cold pavements.


Traditionally, most of the all-seasons tires are known to become far less effective once the ambient temperature falls below 7° Celcius. In low temperatures "all-season tires lose their gripping power very fast. These tires are not ideal for winter since during such weather roads and pavements become slippery and this can lead to unpredictable performance.


Winter Tires for my Volvo


Must the Driver Change all Tires


In the older car models with rear wheel drive, winter tires were fitted only on the drive wheels. However, a lot has changed and modern car models, particularly with AWD systems require all tires be changed to winter tires. A car which is fitted with four winter tires is safer to drive than one that is fitted with a mixture of winter tires and all-weather tires.


In a bid to reiterate the need for four winter tires, Transport Canada warns that putting only two winter tires can render the car unsafe to handle and expose the driver and other road users to harm. Furthermore, the advanced ABS brakes, traction control system and AWD can only work when consistency in tires, both side to side and front to rear exists.




Some need-to-know facts


  • Tire manufacturers in Canada advise motorists to use winter tires on all axle positions. The use of two winter tires only on the rear or front axle position exposes the car to a serious traction imbalance which can lead to unpredictable performance, possibly leading to a dangerous situation including an accident.
  • Motorists shopping for winter tires should look for brands with three-peak mountains and a snowflake sign on the sidewall. Only winter tires earning this unique symbol meet the snow traction and winter driving requirements stipulated by the Canadian tire industry.


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