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What Oil Should I Put in My Volvo?

What Oil Should I Put in My Volvo?


It's typically not a simple answer.

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Fuel grades for Volvo car


Octane grades are not measured in the form of quality or cleanliness. They are measured by different oil resistance that help to combust the heat and compression. Internal combustion engine and ignition of the oil must occur at a precise time. Therefore, it must occur when indicated at the Volvos engine management system. Compression prevents further combustion. Thus modern engines have the tendency of adopting different fuels, temperatures and conditions as needed.


What Oil Should I Put in My Volvo?

Types of Volvo oils


The Canadian Automobile dealers have recently proven that all Volvo's consume 87 AKI except for 2007 and 2004 'R' Series and also cars with Polestar performance software. Additionally, it is fundamental to read the Owner's manual to avoid further confusion.

In Canada, oil is overly rated with a scale referred as Anti-Knock Index or AKI. That translates to:


  • 87 as Regular
  • 89 as Midgrade
  • 91 as Premium
  • 94 as Ultra or Performance


Higher octane fuels are highly recommended since it saves the oil consumption. In a traditional engine, regardless of the engine or car type, octane is translated as the best oil. The difference today is less drastic. Fuel ignition and metering systems are extremely precise thus various sensors carefully monitor combustion.


What Oil Should I Put in My Volvo?

General Overview


Octane ratings are more imperative to Volvo with high turbocharged engines and compression. Additional loads and hot temperatures such as towing, AC and hard driving tend to stress oil performance and increase the potential for detonation. The good news is that premium oils withstand more abuse of this nature. Owners will have to make the choices based on price and the type of performance they are searching for their cars.


From a check-up standpoint, oil producers tend to store more detergents and additives in premium oils. For this reason, Volvos engine might be tuned and burn the engine cleaner and leave fewer deposits behind that damage engine components.


The demands of various Volvos engine tend to vary. For instance, at low load times, the car production is reduced. Even then, the difference becomes more apparent during a high level of car compression, thus leading to high temperatures, high engine load and high compression in case of hard acceleration.


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