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Volvo Transmission Repair

Volvo Transmission Repair


If you have a Volvo that has an automatic transmission, you must have heard about some of the transmission failures. Here are some of the transmission failures you should look out for your Volvo Transmission Repair.

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Volvo Transmission Repair

Transmission slipping


Transmission slipping is when you are driving in another gear, and it changes for no given reason. There can be a whining noise from the engine and a pitching change in the engine sound. Your Volvo r may seem like it is underpowered and having a struggling acceleration.


Rough shifts


This is when your car does not easily change gears as it is used to every day. The shift between the gear changes is not smooth. When your car changes gear, there is a "clunking" or "thudding" sound. The speed acceleration might also be difficult for your car.


Delayed engagement


The time of your car to start moving after ignition differs from the routine. When you change out from "P" to "D," the car takes time before it starts moving like it should.



Volvo Transmission Repair

Fluid leak


Transmissions are never made to leak fluid. However, if your driveway has some leak spots, lay down and check under your Volvo to see if there are any active leaks. If the fluid from the leaking transmission is bright red, however, sometimes it can be dark red – waste no time and take your Volvo to the auto service shop. Do not refill any transmission fluid before checking the factory specifications. Overfilling can lead to a bigger transmission problem.


Warning light


Your Volvo warning light does not always mean that your car is having a transmission problem. However, if the above symptoms are visible with the illuminated warning, take your Volvo to the auto repair shop. The warning light shows that the computer is producing an error code that can be diagnosed with a shop's diagnostic equipment. Error code ''P0700'' is a general transmission problem.


Transmission repair


It is imperative to do a cost research on what shops specialize in transmission repair in your area. You can call or visit them for a cost estimate. If your mechanic does not offer transmission repair service, they should recommend a specialist for you. You can have your transmission toweled in if you are not comfortable driving your Volvo in such a situation. Most recognized shops will do a test drive to try to replicate the problem associated with the issue. However, that can be that they want more time to diagnose the issue properly. Your estimate should have all the towing and diagnostic fees. However, you should be diligent enough to ask them whether they are going to replace parts and are the new parts worth it.


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