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Computer / Electronic Diagnostics

At one time, a radio was likely the only electronic device in an automobile, but now almost every component of the vehicle has some electronic feature. The typical electronic modules on today's vehicles are the Engine Control Module (ECM), the Transmission Control Module (TCM), the Brake Control Module (BCM), the Central Electronic Module (CEM) etc.


Computer / Electronic Diagnostics



An electronic control module typically gets its input from sensors (speed, temperature, pressure, etc.) that it uses in its computation. Various actuators are used to enforce the actions determined by the module (turn the cooling fan on, change gear). The modules need to exchange data among themselves during the normal operation of the vehicle. For example, the engine needs to tell the transmission what the engine speed is, and the transmission needs to tell other modules when a gear shift occurs. This need to exchange data quickly and reliably led to the development of the vehicle network. The vehicle network is the medium of data exchange.


The automotive industry quickly realized the complexity of wiring each module to every other module. Such a wiring design would not only be complex, extremely costly but it would also have to be altered depending on which modules were included in the specific vehicle.


Computer / Electronic Diagnostics

The industry's answer to this problem was to create a central network in the vehicle. Modules could be 'plugged' into the network and would be able to communicate with any other module that was installed on the network. This design was easier to manufacture, easier to maintain and provided the flexibility to add and remove options without affecting the entire vehicle's wiring architecture. Each module, a node on the vehicle network, controls specific components related to its function and communicates with the other modules as necessary, using a communications protocol over the vehicle network.


The advantages of the networks for the vehicles:


  • Reduced weight
  • Simplified wiring
  • Immunity from external noise
  • Overall robustness and reliability



How expensive computer diagnostics is?


Diagnostics charges are calculated based on the door rate ($132 per hour). In most of the cases we are able to diagnose the vehicle within an hour*. If repair is performed consecutively to diagnostics the diagnostics fee will be waved.*


How long will it take to diagnose my vehicle?

In most of the cases we are able to diagnose the vehicle within an hour*

What is Warranty on replacement electronic components and repairs?


Most genuine Volvo parts as well labour required to install then are covered by industry leading life time warranty.

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